Kaiaghok - Unique Jewelry by Terran Joy McCanna


Terran McCanna - Profile PictureMy name is Terran Joy McCanna. I grew up in Oregon and am still strongly influenced by the colors and natural elements of the Pacific Northwest – the wild, rocky seashores and tide pools, the quiet green woods, little mountain creeks and waterfalls, and delicate wildflowers.

Great-Great Grandmother KaiaghokI've named my business after my great-great-grandmother (now more commonly spelled as Kayakiak), in honor of my Yup'ik Eskimo ancestry on my Dad's side, and in honor of all of my grandmothers before and since.

I create each piece of my jewelry individually from wood, acrylic, and other materials such as resin or beadwork. I draw out my original ideas by hand, then use my laser cutter to cut each tiny component before sanding, hand-painting, embellishing, and assembling.

Caring for your Jewelry
With proper care, your jewelry will last for years. I recommend cleaning the surfaces with a soft, barely damp cloth, and drying immediately. Do not submerge in water. For storage and travel, I recommend wrapping loosely in soft cloth or tissue paper so that the paint is not scratched or rubbed.

Metal Sensitivities
I only use titanium earring posts and niobium ear wires/hooks so that my earrings are comfortable for people with even the most sensitive of skin. I avoid using steel or silver as they can both contain trace amounts of nickel or other components that can trigger allergies.